We work with many clients to deliver intelligent building installations with vast data requirements and others to upgrade their existing network capabilities. We work with sophisticated smart technology and have experience working with a range of software solutions from the leading providers in networking and communication.

Network Services

Technology changes continually, and Lime Mechanical & Electrical is committed to keeping abreast of developments and technological advances. Our engineers are passionate about their work and pride themselves on knowing the best solution for any circumstance. When required, we are happy to provide the benefit of our experience and offer advice to ensure your project is completed in the best possible manner.


Property protection and prevention of crime and intrusions are essential to all businesses. CCTV can provide the security and peace of mind you need. Lime Mechanical & Electrical is experienced in the installation of the latest CCTV Technology. Whether to monitor internally or externally, we have experienced personnel who can advise and ensure you have the best solution to protect your property. Whether you watch on-site or use a remote ARC service, we can provide the best system to meet your needs.


Communication is vital to the success of every business, and connectivity is critical if you are to operate efficiently and effectively. At Lime Mechanical & Electrical, we have considerable experience in wireless services and have worked with the leading companies involved with hardware and software to deliver wireless solutions. Our experienced personnel can offer advice to ensure your people can communicate and transfer data quickly, efficiently and securely.

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